#DBlogWeek Day 4: #TBT: What Brings Me Down

We all know how I’m passionate about mental health and LOVE Mental Health Month! I’m excited to take it back to the post from 2014. and whewwwww- I wrote a long one. So I’d like to compare and contrast to see how I differ from now and then with this post. Alright- we ready?

What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and / or your loved one, and how do you cope?

The social worker in me, and what I stand for is literally doing back-flips over this post- although I cannot even do a cartwheel- where did the gymnast/dancer in me go? The fact that mental health is usually that thing hiding in the world’s closet because no one really wants to talk about. The world says it isn’t okay to talk about it or not be okay.

But we all have bad days, we all have sad days- we also have exhilarating days, happy days, adventurous days.

But the world says be quiet. Some say others have it worse than you. Get over it.


Oh yeah- I definitely still feel this. You know what gets me down? Is how taboo mental health is- especially mental health and diabetes. That definitely brings me down!


For me- it gets emotional on two levels- a personal level and a micro/macro level.

Micro/macro first

But the world doesn’t really acknowledge that do they? They start handing you cookbooks to cure your Diabetes. They blame parents. They offer, often, ill-advised advice on a relative’s Diabetes. They judge you. They tell you no more sweets again. They tell you consequences. The world also tries to show you successful people living with Diabetes- do I have to be a statistic? I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to be an athlete. Don’t get me wrong- they’re great and all- but where are the females successfully living Diabetes- I’d like to hear from them. Where are those who aren’t athletes? The performers, the actors/actresses, the business professionals? I want to hear from them too.


Wait. WOAH- I finally wrote a post about not being extreme when it comes to chronic illness this year. I’d have to say- still gets me down too.

Now for the personal.

It isn’t a certain instance. It is an accumulation- the straw that breaks the camels’ back right?


That straw? Well it’s usually the combination or a Diabetes “mishap” and a comment (accidental or on purpose).

Usually, I warn the world when I am this point. So if I do get “crossed” and I snap- I don’t feel terrible about it. It takes me a lot to snap- so if you are able to do that- be warned.

I would have to say- that straw breaking the camel’s back is still a thing for me- but it definitely doesn’t include a comment from other people/snapping- of course it happens. But I’ve definitely gotten less and less angry over the years.

Those moments when no matter what I do my blood sugars don’t want to cooperate with me maybe because that’s how the wind is blowing- maybe a site went bad- maybe a faulty part- whatever the cause- I feel like I am fighting an endless battle, and now matter what I can’t win.

So I’m on edge- struggling to do my usual (why I don’t procrastinate) and keep up with life, and get what I need to get done- done.




So- is there anything missing that is true for me currently? Well I didn’t mention access- but yes- that’s still a thing for me. Now the combo of women’s health and diabetes can do so too (hello new diagnoses of PCOS and endometriosis). (Plus the community isn’t super representative- which is something that riles me up more).

But yeah- diabetes and mental health is SOOOO a thing! We still need to talk about it more.

dblog week. pic.

Throwback Thursday: What Brings Me Down – Thursday 5/18- Today let’s revist a prompt from 2014 – May is Mental Health Month so now seems like a great time to explore the emotional side of living with, or caring for someone with, diabetes. What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and / or your loved one, and how do you cope? (Thanks again to Scott for this 2014 topic.)

You can find the other posts for today, here

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